Biometric Access Control in Gyms and Health Facilities

Biometric access control in gymsClub Member Convenience

Biometric access control provides ease and security to members’ access to a health facility. Whether access is given by fingerprint, pin code or a card, complete control is provided over who comes in which doors and/ or at what times and days. Safety is never compromised. Only those with access to the approved area or facility have access. There is no fear of intruders with biometric access. Convenient reminders can also be placed on the access control units to remind members of upcoming classes or payment dues.

Employee Ease Options

Employees will no longer have to patrol the entrance / exit to the health club facility. Creating 24/7 access has never been so easy! Setting up members for access during admission is also an easy task. Set up is done either straight from the unit itself or from a desktop device. Employees have more time for other tasks.

Administration Benefits

With biometric door access in place, health facility administration / owners are at ease, with not only security but with other features that go along with the technology. The Health facility can use the product to clock employees in and out, therefore easily completing time and attendance reports right from the software. Plus an audit trail of members whom came in where and when is automatically recorded.


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