Not all, but most locks have the ability to enroll users with User ID's. (1TouchIQ2, BioBoltX2, LC200) This is the most secure way to enroll many users into an access control product or fingerprint door lock. All businesses are advised to add users in this manner and homes with many users enrolled that are not family.

Keyless and Pin-less Entry – Open cover and place finger! The BioBolt® X2 is able to protect any area without compromising security with its powerful deadbolt locking system. The 1Touch® IQ2 was designed with ease in mind from installation to use, featuring unmatched capabilities. Add/Delete users directly on lock using the Pin Pad!

Advanced fingerprint lock systems have long been in our conversations about the future. We have all seen countless Sci-Fi movies & TV shows that showcased retinal scanners, facial recognition systems & fingerprint authorization devices? These systems always seemed like something …

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