The DL210 on Extreme Home Makeover Edition!!

Advanced fingerprint lock systems have long been in our conversations about the future. We have all seen countless Sci-Fi movies & TV shows that showcased retinal scanners, facial recognition systems & fingerprint authorization devices? These systems always seemed like something that would only exist in the future, the DL210 is here to change that!

But now today IS the future! Watching shows like CSI, searching the internet and even just talking to your friends often shows how far biometric authorization and identification has come. It is not a futuristic dream anymore, it’s the present!

Biometric products for your home have been popping up everywhere. Not only has the BioBoltX2 fingerprint deadbolt been seen on the Desperate Housewives**, now the DL210 biometric fingerprint lock and deadbolt will be featured on the an upcoming episode of the Extreme Home Makeover. **

Extreme Home Makeover Edition is a very successful series on ABC that airs the 2 day process of  transforming a family in need’s home from rundown to marvelous! The show focuses on redesigning the family’s home with the latest & greatest products to help them enjoy more fulfilling lives. Host Ty Pennington helps transform not only the house but the lives of  each family by remaking their homes using some of the most state-of -the-art advances in home security & decor. So it seems fitting that the DL210 will be used on a soon to air episode of the show!  The DL210 biometric door lock sold by was chosen as one of the “Best Of Innovations” at a recent Consumers Electronic Show and has been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s Nightline News, CNN Headline News, and many other major news publications across the United States!

The DL210 has been a favorite of our customers for many years. It provides a unique design featuring double security with a latch and deadbolt. This fingerprint lock system is high tech, long lasting and very easy to use! Based on its successful track record we know the family on the upcoming Extreme Home Makeover Edition will love it!

Biometrics is not a fad. We have seen a constant improvement in security and design over the last few years and is at the forefront of this new technology! Get your Biometric product today and begin talking to your friends about the wonderful new fingerprint lock system that protects your home!

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