ALL 1TouchIQ2 & BioBolt X2 Fingerprint Locks In-Stock & Ready To Ship!

The shipping department has informed the web-site staff that all the newest 1TouchIQ2 & BioBolt X2 fingerprint door locks are now on the shelves, tested & ready to ship out to you! They received a huge supply of the locks & even though sales have been tremendous, they hope this latest shipment will last through the busy holiday season. The 1TouchIQ2 is the hottest selling residential biometric lock in the market today. The BioBolt X2 is the best selling deadbolt keyless lock in the business. Don’t wait until the last minute this year, get’ em while you can!!!

John is a writer and technical guru for Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. that is constantly tinkering between cooking amazing lunches and explaining access control to anyone that will listen.

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