The transformation of the 1Touch keyless entry lock into the 2011 1Touch IQ2 fingerprint door lock has brought to the forefront many new and exciting attributes. redesigned their top selling biometric lock. The technical staff brain-stormed how to improve the pre-existing 1Touch platform and they succeeded in creating a newly envisioned, unsurpassed version of the biometric lock market leader. They call it the 1TOUCH IQ2. This newly designed fingerprint lock stays true to what made it such a hit with consumers, while added features seldom seen on such affordable biometric security products.

The prominent security industry publication “The National Locksmith Magazine” featured a very thorough and compelling article about the 1Touch IQ2 Biometric door locks in its recent April 2011 edition. A new 2011 1Touch IQ2-AT lock was sent to the author several months before the article was released. Over the following weeks, the state-of-the-art fingerprint door lock was tested extensively.