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The Access Control system that gets installed is only half of the security equation. Hardware for Access Control is also important. For each access point being secured there are two items that are always required. First of course is the Biometric reader & secondly there is the locking device that is physically securing the door. When purchasing an access control system it’s very important to determine which locking device functions best with the biometric reader & the door it’s securing.  Here are some basics when evaluating which locking device is needed for a specific style of door.


-Wood or metal door with a traditional “lock & key” latching door handle

This type of door is the most commonly used. It’s the type of door used in most homes, offices & store rooms. It uses a door handle that can be bought at any hardware store.  These doors can uses the easiest & most cost effected locking device, called an “Electric strike”.  These types of doors use an electric strike called a “Hes 5000”. These electric strikes are quite common in apartment building or business entry ways. When a person gets “buzzed” through a door, that is an electric strike in action.  The strike gets installed in the door jamb of the door frame. The lock on the door is set to be always locked. When a user presents their enrolled fingerprint the reader sends a signal to the strike to allow it to be opened. The user simply opens the door. The door is locked once it has been closed.


-Wood or metal door with a Push/Panic  Exit release.

This type of door is commonly used in large facilities like schools, labs & factories. This type of door can use an electric strike as well. The electric strike however is a larger model than the Hes 5000 used on a traditional doors & lock. The door with the Push/Panic bar requires a “Hes 9600”.  Other than the size of the strike it operated the same way the Hes 5000.


-Metal framed glass “Showroom” doors.

These doors are most often found on store fronts, gyms, health clubs, office building or any place where the welcoming openness of glass doors are desired. This type of doorway is the most complicated to secure. It requires the uses of magnetic locks. These doors can not use any model of electric strike or biometric door handle lock. This style of door can not be cut or altered to work with other locking devices for fear of cracking the glass. Thus the best & only solution is the Magnetic Locking device.  The locking device gets installed on the door frame not on the door itself. A metal plate is bolted to the door. When power is supplied to the magnet it has the holding force of 600 to 1200Lbs! The door will break before the magnetic bond is broken.  There are several items that need to be included when a magnetic lock is going to be installed.  These items will be discussed in the accessories section.


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