How To Use The 1TouchIQ2 Audit Trail Kit

The 1Touch IQ2 Single Latch lock comes in two different models. The Audit Trail capable unit has the ability to give you status on who used the door to gain access when you use the audit trail kit with the lock. This kit allows you to see who used the door and at what time and date. It’s rather nice to be able to do this.


This video is an instructional guide on how to use the Audit Trail Kit:

I’d like to go step by step on how to use the 1Touch  AT kit:

-Make sure you have set the Date & Time in the lock. It doesn’t come set up with the correct date and time.

Date:  July 11th 2012 = 12/07/11

#2# 1 # 11 # 0 # 1111111 # 1 # 1 ##


Time: 2:00pm + 14:00 (must be in military time)

#3# 1 # 1111 # 0 # 0 ##



-Make sure all users are enrolled in the lock with their own 3 digit ID#.


-Install the Open Record Audit Trail program on your PC.


-Then download the  “Audit Trail Software Setup”.

It will save to you PC. I recommend saving it to your desktop at first.

Run the file & it will walk you through the quick installation process.


You can find videos that walk you through the whole Audit Trail process from setting the date & time to the program install to the date transfer here:

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