How to Screw Up a Fingerprint Door Lock

   Many people wonder, “How could I mess up my fingerprint door lock?”, there can be some reasons for a broken lock, so let’s go through them.

If the lock is not IP 65 rated or weatherproof then using it in an area that get extreme weather will cause a defect in one way or another. Many times those locks that are not weatherproof are installed on a door without rain protectant. If water gets inside, it can become toast. Best way to prevent this: Purchase a lock that is IP 65 rated for outdoor use. Make sure that all gaskets are used as the directions say.

If a fingerprint lock has a handle, typically a single latch, then handles can break due to jerking way too hard, slamming something on top of it and yes, standing on it. If you think that you could not prevent these occurrences, then it may be best to purchase a fingerprint deadbolt. Deadbolts do not have handles.

Alexis Roberts

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