What’s so great about the BioBox biometric safe?

biometric safe


Typically safes are bulky and take a lot of work to safely create a space for them to be installed. You normally do not move your safe around. Once the installation is complete, you hope you will always be happy with where it is placed.

That is how the BioBox safe is different. The small biometric safe is easy to move around. You can hide it in a drawl, or even in your car. There is a time when you need a bulkier safe and you need it to be secure in a spot that you prefer it to be, without ever having to move it.

For some, it is not an option. This sleek and tiny safe has also been proven to be a favorite among apartments owners and renters. It is easy to hide and secure when room modifications are just not an option.

Regular Version:

  • Exterior: 7.25 Wide, 10.75 Long, 1.95 High
  • Interior: 7.05 Wide, 8.75 Long, 1.5 High
 XL Version:
  • Exterior: 7.25 Wide, 12.75 Long, 1.95 High
  • Interior: 7.05 Wide, 10.75 Long, 1.5 High

When having few items to secure the BioBox is perfect! Just put your medication, passport and other documents or jewelry inside and easily open it with a fingerprint or a key.

This safe can hold up to 30 fingerprints for multiple person use. You can add and delete users straight from the safe without any PC.


It’s a great choice.

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