Gun Safety Can Save a Childs Life

Gun SafetyEvery year tragic deaths occur due to negligence of gun safety. has followed child shooting articles online in February 2012 with an astonishing number of shootings pulled. Of 166 gun crimes and shootings posted, 176 children were victims. Safety and gun education is a prime concern for all. Educating children about guns while being able to keep the fire arms in safe locations is key to preventing accidents from occurring.


3 things every parent should do to protect their children from guns:

  1. Educating the child about guns and how they work to prevent accidents!
  2. Never putting a gun and bullets in the same place as one another.
  3. Not having a loaded gun in an easy place for children to get to.  Gun safes or mobile biometric safes are the best places for guns when not hunting.


To read more facts about gun statistics go here:

To learn about getting gun trained please go here:

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