5 Reasons to Use a Biometric Lock Instead of a Key

5.You can’t lose your key (or your finger.. well we hope not)

4. You never have to give your key out! (No one can copy your finger!)

3. You can add and delete people as you please! (Do it.. it’s fun!)

2. You can have complete audit trails on some locks. (No more teens sneaking out of the house!)

And #1 .. Because Biometrics’ are technologically superior to those regular ol’ door locks that everyone else has!

Dan Falk is the Technical Director for Intelligent Biometric Controls. When not working with customers on biometric access control systems, he enjoys tinkering with fireworks, home-brewing and all sorts of food related endeavors! You can follow his personal exploits at http://danfalk.com , Google+ and Twitter.
photo by: Bohman

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