Migrating from a Pin Pad Unit to a Biometric Door Access Unit

If you currently already have an access control unit in place it should make migrating from a Pin Pad to a biometric reader, such as an ACTATek product a breeze. In some cases, all of the necessary wiring may already be present from the existing pin pad unit.  However, even if the existing wiring needs to be replaced, it is typically possible to use the existing wire to “pull” the new wire.

If you are installing a new unit without modifications already made, this should help understanding the installation:

The installation process is quite similar to setting up video surveillance systems on a building. The Actatek reader gets mounted on the wall next to the door you want to secure, not on the door itself. Generally a hole; the diameter of a dime needs to be drilled through the wall.  A 12VDC power cable, Cat5 network cable and  wires to power the electric strike/maglock are pulled to the reader through the hole in the wall. The power cable gets plugged into an outlet on the secure side of the door or, as is most common, wired directly into the building’s power.  The Cat5 cable gets run directly from the reader to the company’s network switch or patch panel.  A relay on the Access Control unit, or a separate secure relay option, is wired to the existing power circuit for the locking device eliminating the need for additional wiring.

Enrolling Process:

After the migration from a pin pad unit to a biometric door access unit is complete, the next step is the migration of the users.  Typically a simple spreadsheet that contains the user’s basic information can be downloaded or otherwise created and imported into the new Biometric Access Control system.  The easiest and most efficient way to enroll the fingerprints for the users is by using a remote desktop device.  A desktop registration device has software set up on a computer with a fingerprint scanner typically plugged into a USB port.  Enrollment of a user generally takes less than a minute.  Once enrolled, the data is stored and can be distributed to all the locks on the network simultaneously.  The comfort and ease from enrolling the fingerprint in an office space is ultimately more desirable than standing outside enrolling each user directly from the biometric reader.

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