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Let us discuss the need-to-know about magnet locks and when you would need to include a 1200 lb double magnetic lock to your door access installation. If your entrance or interior entrance has a double door with the option to open one door or both, you could be a candidate for a double magnetic lock. A magnetic lock is a metal/magnet holding force that holds the doors shut until a sensor tells it to release and allow the doors to open. A 1200 lb magnetic lock tells us that the force is 600 pounds for each door for a combined 1200 pounds for both door locks.

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Double magnetic locks allow you to independently control access through two doors, allowing two doors to be used instead of keeping one locked. One door would need to be kept locked if a single magnetic lock was installed. The double option is perfect for high volume entrances and exit doors. The door magnetic lock will unlock using a fingerprint, card, or pin access control system, motion sensor, or request to exit button. The lock has adjustments to determine how long the door stays unlocked. Generally it is set to 10-15 seconds but can stay unlocked for up to a minute.

Most building codes require both a motion sensor and back up request to exit button to be installed for emergency or convenient access to exit.  It is wise to use a back-up power supply such as the ACTAtek-UPS due to the lock requiring constant power to operate. In the case of a power outage or blackout the door would be rendered open without a backup power supply. Double magnetic locks are most commonly used on any and all glass doors or storefront doors.

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