Industries that are Purchasing Door Access Control

I just received the newest issue from Security Sales & Integration (The Gold Book 2014). Many “Fast Facts” about door access control and security details from the years past were found throughout the pages. I was particularly interested in the statistics of Access Control Sales by Industry. If you want to look it up the magazine titled this section, “Percentage of Access Control Sales Revenue by Source Type”.

Let’s take a look at the industries that are purchasing door access control products and why they would benefit from the devices.

22% of the sales are at Office Buildings:

I assumed that government facilities had the most uses for secure door settings. Considering more office building are located around the US than government buildings it is not a surprise that this setting would hold the largest amount of access control units. Different offices have different door and security needs. We have seen an increase of offices using the same devices networked together to work as both door access points and as time + attendance. In an office especially, being able to control time waste and create easy reporting is most important. Securing customer data is essential and keeping record of who had access to filing rooms is a common practice these days.

14% are in Industrial Manufacturing:

Food facilities, water bottling companies, and computer and electronic manufacturing all have common uses for secure door access control. These facilities are able to provide access to particular areas of the operations to only specified employees with proper credentials. Old fashioned keys are just too easy to lose, copy, or pick. When a company has hundreds to thousands of employees to provide security for and products to provide proper security from, access control devices are key.

11% in Hospitals/ Schools/ Universities:

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We have absolutely seen an increase in biometric access control interest from hospitals, schools (day-cares), and universities. The uses range from just securing filing closets, accounting servers, and office to providing easy access to certain areas for certain employees, or parents. Physicians and technicians are given access to laboratories but restricted from hospitals filing areas. With door access devices students are not able to gain access to faculty areas without a proper card, pin code, or administered fingerprint.

9% Government:

Government buildings and office have many restrictions. It would be absurd if they were not using networked access control systems to control who had access to which secured areas. When the devices are networked the ease of creating restrictions per person, per door access control point saves time and resources for administrators. We have seen small and large government facilities using the ACTAtek for a range of security reasons.

I hope this was helpful in understanding the need for access control in different buildings settings and why a range of companies are finding them to be an asset.

Alexis Roberts

Hi! I, Alexis (Blogger, Web Site and Brochure Designer) love biometrics, coming up with productive ideas after a couple cups of coffee, and getting my hands dirty in the garden after horticulture classes!

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Hi! I, Alexis (Blogger, Web Site and Brochure Designer) love biometrics, coming up with productive ideas after a couple cups of coffee, and getting my hands dirty in the garden after horticulture classes!

3 Comments on “Industries that are Purchasing Door Access Control

  1. Thanks for the post. This is really interesting information to see who’s taking advantage of the door accesses In my experience I think a lot of schools are looking into that to help with security- I’m interested to see how far this goes. Thanks again!

  2. I feel like these statistics make perfect sense. However where is the other 44% going. I feel people some times get it backwards where home invasion should be the most important place to secure because family is irreplaceable. Ha, but I did expect government to be larger than 9%.

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