INTRODUCING OUR NEWEST ADDITION: The BioRemote 333!!! is proud to present a new addition to our ever growing line of Biometric products. It’s a New Fingerprint Door Lock called a BioRemote 333. It’s a different style of Residential locks that offers several features not found on our 1TOUCH, 1TOUCH XL, 1TOUCH XLS, BD-1, DL 210 or BioBolt . It does not have a slide cover you have to lift. That’s nice because many places would prefer to have locks that don’t require people to slide a cover up to start the scanner. It also comes with the ability to flip a switch on the back of the lock & disengage the locking system. So if you want to have your door open to the public or open during a party it’s super easy to do. This solves a problem some small offices have had in the past. They wanted the doors to be open from 9-5pm for “foot traffic” to come through. They were concerned people wouldn’t know to lift the Cover up to unlock the door. The BioRemote 333 can be opened just by turning the handle like a normal door lock.

Another cool feature found on the new BioRemote 333 (as the name implies) it sports a cool remote control you can use to unlock the door from inside your home or office. Think how convenient it would be to unlock your door without having to move but a finger! This slick new Biometric lock also comes with reversible handles. You no longer have to worry if you bought the wrong handed lock. That is one of the biggest errors people make when they order a Keyless Door lock. They order a Right handed lock only to discover they really needed a Left hand lock all along. Plus the reversible handles allows you to put the lock on a different door without worrying if it’s going to be compatible with that door. You could take your Lock off a garage door & turn a closet door into a secure Gun Safe without worrying if the lock & door arrangement will fit. It comes in many different finishes like Gold, Silver, Brass, Chrome, Bronze & even Black! The features & style of the BioRemote 333 really makes this new Finger Print door lock stand out from the crowded field of Biometric security products!

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John is a writer and technical guru for Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. that is constantly tinkering between cooking amazing lunches and explaining access control to anyone that will listen.

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