The DL 210 Left Handed & Right Handed locks are ALL IN STOCK!!

Just a quick note I promised several people who I spoke with recently. They were eager to get some Left Handed DL 210 locks but we were temporary out of them. Since the DL 210 is designed to fit the U.S. Standard Prep door & comes with a Deadbolt & Single latch locking system, its quickly becoming one of our hottest selling products. To be honest they are flying off the shelves these days!! I just got word from our main warehouse that a shipment of DL 210 locks were delivered today. So check out our Special Discounted Prices & get your DL 210 Today!!!

John is a writer and technical guru for Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. that is constantly tinkering between cooking amazing lunches and explaining access control to anyone that will listen.

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