Access Control for Food and Manufacturing Facilities

Use door access control to protect your products

Use door access control to protect your products

Restricting access to areas of food production and the maintaining of accurate entry records are not only critical but can be legally mandatory. Using State-of-the-Art access control products will simultaneously update your facility’s security while reducing many legal or governmental liability concerns. IBC systems can deliver solutions that will provide constant surveillance of every access point, elimination of costly keys, proximity cards /fobs and a reduction in security personnel. The simple to use management software features easy exportation of complete access logs used to create accurate payroll data. Biometric identification door access can greatly enhance overall building security while being easily managed though a user friendly management interface accessed by a web browser 24/7.


IBC has a wide variety of product options available to fit almost any security or employee tracking need. Once access control door hardware and administrative software are in place management of employees, as well as temp workers, and guests is quick and easy. The software offers readily available reports on who has accessed which doors and when. These reports can be accessed via a web browser. Management staff is then able to determine exactly who has entered the facility and can control when these users are able/ unable to gain access in the future.

Biometric Door Access Control for Food and Manufacturing Facilities from Alexis Roberts

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