Electronic Door Locks for Apartment Security 1

Electronic Door Locks for apartment

Finding electronic door locks solution for your renters can be difficult at times.

Apartment and condo owners have to find answers that are budget friendly, while looking at long term effects of the decisions. Many have sought out electronic door locks for apartments and realized the beneficial aspects of using the technology to save money, time and providing convenience to their tenants.

Benefits to using Electronic Door Locks for your Apartment Buildings:

  • Diverse Nature: Can be used from common areas to each apartment door!
  • Access: Pin Code or Fingerprint is available!
  • No Keys:  **Therefore lost keys or keys being put into the wrong hands are never an issue!
  • No need for expensive re keying and cylinder changes!
  • Friends and Family can have easy access!
  • Easy Adding and Deleting of New or Old tenants!

** Electronic Door Locks have Key access but as a Condo or Apartment Owner, many purchase all locks with the same key way to create convenience for maintenance staff.

Click here to find a PowerPoint on using Keyless Access on your Apartment or Condo:  Gaining Tenants with Security

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  1. Apartments for Rent in Marietta GA Jul 11, 2011 9:19 pm

    I believe fingerprint door locks are ideal for apartment dwellers who want total security for their place. Many tenant guests that live in apartments are usually away or are working full-time, leaving their homes without anybody to look after it. That is why having a secured door lock that uses biometrics will be great to avoid any intrusion and unwelcome entry to the house.

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