Introducing the 1TouchXLS Fingerprint Lock is proud to introduce the 1TouchXLS Single Latch fingerprint lock.  This new addition to our lineup tops the charts in the “wow factor” arena.  Very few biometric locks sport a menu driven, LCD display directly on the lock.  None do it as well as the 1TouchXL and it’s new little brother the 1TouchXLS!  Unlike the XL version, which is a mortise lock, the XLS is a single latch latch version common on most residential doors.  The XLS is build in the same heavy-duty fashion as the XL and is identical in operation.

What makes the 1TouckXLS special?

  1. For the most part, no manual is required since the administration is menu driven!   No need to scramble for the manual when trying to enroll the new house-keeper.
  2. Want to know when Little Johnny came in last night?  You can view an event log directly on the 1TouchXLS!
  3. Aunt Martha showed up at the house – 2 hours before you could leave work?  No problem call her on your cell tell her the one of the three programmable pin code.  (What could be worse than poor Aunt Martha freezing on the door step … )

Our newest biometric fingerprint locks combines the solid functionality of it’s commercial counterpart while offering the home owner the coolest, high-tech product ever mounted to a door!

… and I bet your friends never knew such a thing existed!

Dan Falk is the Technical Director for Intelligent Biometric Controls. When not working with customers on biometric access control systems, he enjoys tinkering with fireworks, home-brewing and all sorts of food related endeavors! You can follow his personal exploits at , Google+ and Twitter.

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