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We are proud to present the DL210 biometric door lock. This finger print door lock answers the markets’s demand for a product that fits the Standard pre cut door holes on most US Standard doors and you can see it at Art and Interior.  It gives the consumer the option to have a finger print door lock that utilizes both a deadbolt & a single latch locking sytem. The DL210 not only will fit your existing door setup but was designed to stand up to the elements with years of convenient secure access. Easy to use, manage, enroll, and configure for up to 50 users. Buy one today and see why thousands of others have chosen this lock to secure their families and businesses! We are confident that you will like or your money back.

John is a writer and technical guru for Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc. that is constantly tinkering between cooking amazing lunches and explaining access control to anyone that will listen.

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