Why Uncle Tim needs a Biobolt deadbolt lock for Christmas

lock for christmas presentWhen thinking about what to get Uncle Tim for Christmas, you are out of ideas. What about a lock for Christmas? He’s already a high tech guy and has everything. But what about security? For the man who has everything, why not a gift that protects everything. Security at your fingertips. Literally. A BioboltX2 is a deadbolt lock that opens with an enrolled fingerprint.

Uncle Tim has the option of enrolling whomever he would like to have access to his home or office. Of course the Biobolt has backup keys and a keypad for emergencies and ease of access. It’s a perfect Christmas gift at a good price.

Your uncle now has the ability to allow one time access with a Pincode to the contractor giving the kitchen a makeover or full time fingerprint access to his son, who still comes by to raid the fridge. He may even add you, his favorite niece, and you get the added benefit of housesitting next time he leaves town.





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