Suprema Face Station Company Review

Suprema Face Station Company ReviewMy company recently installed a Suprema Face Station for our time clock.

I always thought facial recognition systems were just in movies or TV shows like “Las Vegas,” where they can easily find out who someone is with cameras around a casino. Now I’m finding out that they are real and reliable! We were having a problem with employees clocking in and out for their buddies, so management decided to try this unit out. You walk up to the unit and line your face up according to the circle on the screen. Enrolling in the unit takes about a minute of your time, nodding and turning your head so the system can pick up multiple features. Turns out there are 2 cameras at work here: one that takes a template of your face and one that stores facial stamps. Using multiple cameras and technologies, it seems flawless. I alternate between contacts and glasses and have a tendency to change my hair color, but this facial recognition system has kept up with me through it all. Upon doing some research, I found similar camera technology analyzes certain facial features such as length of jaw line, width of nose, distance between eyes, and shape of cheekbones. These aren’t features that change so it makes sense for facial scanners to incorporate these types of characteristics. I’ve been amazed at how well it works. Our office also uses it as a video phone with guests who don’t have access to our office. It’s pretty convenient to not have someone constantly waiting at the door to interact with someone who may or may not be allowed to access the building for a meeting. The Face Station has also been nice for staff members who smoke because there is a feature on it so that smokers can choose “smoke out” and “smoke in” for their breaks and management can monitor to make sure the staff isn’t abusing their privileges. The Face Station has been a great addition to our workplace.

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