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1Touch Door LockThere are numerous benefits to using a biometric door lock, however, these are my top five.

First and foremost, these things are remarkable.  There has not been one friend or family member who has seen my door lock that has not spent at least 15 minutes asking or commenting on how innovative it is to unlock a door with your fingerprint.  So, even though my friends and family may have thought I was cool before, I believe I have graduated to an even higher level having this technology.

Aside from the cool factor, the biggest advantage to a biometric door lock, for me, is never locking myself out of the house again. No keys = no problem.  For me this aspect is priceless and for those of you who have children, it could be a huge blessing.  I do not know one person, including myself, that has not locked themselves out of the house at least once or has forgotten to leave a key for the kids after school. With this system, those are worries of the past.

Another big plus to this keyless door lock is that you can add or delete users with a few key strokes.  This is a brilliant feature.  Say you go out of town and need someone to take care of your house, dog, or children.  There is no need to give that person a key, which is easy to copy.  Instead you give them a numerical code to access the house.  When you return, simply delete the code.  It is far easier and safer than giving out a master key.  It is also nice to have codes available in case you need to have someone access the house in case of an emergency.

My first thoughts, when I decided to get a biometric door lock were, “I am not technologically inclined” and “how much will it cost me to have it installed”.  The ease of installation and use is shocking.  Although the word biometric sounds complicated, it is quite simple. Although there are several different kinds of locks for all different types of doors, the installation took me about 20 minutes and the programing for 3 people took another 15 minutes.  Not bad for someone who does not have a degree in engineering.

Last but not least, these door locks allow you to track who is coming and going and how often.  So if you have given out a pin code to someone who should not be accessing the house more than once a week, you will know about it by simply buying an additional program for the unit.  I have not needed to use this function but I think the option is priceless on so many levels.


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