Offering Barska Safes 2

We are pleased to announce that Barska safes can be purchased from Intelligent Biometric Controls, Inc.

Six different Barska Safe versions are being carried. The safes range in many different sizes for various uses, including securing documents, jewelry, and guns. They all can be accessed with either a swipe of a fingerprint or the use of an override key.



AX11224 small safe.









AX11556 top opening safe. Perfect biometric safe in a side drawer.







AX11620 compact safe with rounded edges.









AX11650 large biometric safe.










AX12038 wall safe.










AX11898 rifle safe.






Alexis Roberts

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2 thoughts on “Offering Barska Safes

  1. Reply johnfalk May 14, 2013 3:47 pm

    Agreed! Very excited to have the Barska safes offered!

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