Brushed Nickel BioBolt X2's and 1TouchIQ2's are now in Stock!

Brushed Nickel BioBoltTwo of our most popular fingerprint door locks, the BioBolt® X2 Deadbolt and the 1Touch®IQ2 single latch door locks were out of stock, but to much anticipation have been replenished!

The BioBolt® X2 is able to protect any area without compromising security with its powerful deadbolt locking system. You can find this in polished brass, antique brass and as a Brushed Nickel BioBolt.

  • Give temporary access to individuals
  • Prevent lost, stolen or duplicated keys
  • Low battery warning alert
  • Fingerprints and pass codes will not be lost if batteries fail
  • Comes with 4 emergency backup keys

The 1Touch® IQ2 was designed with ease in mind from installation to use, featuring unmatched capabilities.

  • Keyless and Pin-less Entry – Open cover and place finger!
  • Access Modes: Fingerprint, Pin Code or Key
  • Add/Delete users directly on lock using the Pin Pad
  • Tool free maintenance – no tools ever needed after install
  • Pin Code access for emergency users: can be deleted at any time!
  • 10 minute installation time – only a screw driver needed

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