Buying a biometric safe as a gift

If you need a gift for someone that seems to love security, has many things to secure (like guns, coins or jewelry) or just a techy person that could really use something different, then a biometric safe could be the perfect holiday cheer.

Choosing the right safe does not have to be that difficult. We can help. I have 3 safe examples with what they can do and why you would like it over another.

BioBox Mini Safe: This safe has interior dimensions of 7.05 Wide x 8.75 Long x 1.5 High. It’s perfect for someone with a hand gun. This attractive small safe fits well in side tables and easily opens with just a press of a fingerprint. Medications, jewelry, cash and personal documents become secure yet easily accessible. This safe fits well in side tables, in a glove compartment of a car and even in a desk drawer.

BioBox XL Safe: Just like the BioBox Mini but 2 inches longer, this safe still fits well in side tables, in a glove compartment of a car and even in a desk drawer. The interior dimensions are 7.05 Wide x 10.75 Long x 1.5 High. The extra 2 inches could make a large difference when holding a coin collection, medication, jewelry and guns. With only a press of a fingerprint, all secure items are easy available.

Bio-Entry 1000 Safe: This safe is the largest of all these choices. The interior dimensions are 13.75 Wide x 9.85 Long x 9.85 High. It can be opened with either a pin code created from the 4 buttons, keys and my favorite: a fingerprint. With the option of using a pin code, besides its larger interior, this safe gives an advantage over the BioBox in this respect. Although you would not fit this biometric safe in a side drawer or glove compartment, it’s still compact for easy placement in a home. Placing it in a closet or under a desk would be perfect.


Alexis Roberts

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