Security Spring Makeover

Style does not have to be compromised when it comes to home security.

It is spring and this year the shades are pantones! I am loving it. Light shades of green, blue, purple, and pinks are a perfect accent to deep shaded salvia and irises. When creating a welcoming entrance to your home, comfort and style mean a lot from walking up the sidewalk to the front porch to knocking on the door. I was able to easily find a great combination of products from easily assessable stores to give a comfortable touch to any front entrance. Of course I wanted to also provide good looking and easy door access with a biometric lock. No more hidden keys for this green and yellow shaded porch. Please checkout the security spring makeover:

Spring Front Porch Makeover


 Home Depot Chair  1TouchIQ2 Biometric Lock
  Glazed Ceramic Pot  Round Brown Rug

Alexis Roberts

Hi! I, Alexis (Blogger, Web Site and Brochure Designer) love biometrics, coming up with productive ideas after a couple cups of coffee, and getting my hands dirty in the garden after horticulture classes!

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