£1 Shipping to the UK for a Limited Time!

Are you shopping online for a door lock and located in the UK?  You can order from www.fingerprintdoorlocks.com and receive shipping for only £1. You will have to pay duties, taxes, or fees that are associated with your order based on what your customs tells you.

£1 Shipping

When does it expire? At anytime. I will update this post once the money saving event is closed.

Why are UK customers only being charge £1 for shipping? Here at FingerprintDoorLocks.com, we have many friends in the UK and we want to show our appreciation. Call us if you have any questions: 1-513-239-6322 .

What locks are available? Any one of the biometric door handles are available for only £1 shipping to the United Kingdom. Be sure to check the status of your existing latch with the latches that are available online. We offer 3 different latches but depending on what you have currently and whether you want to make door modifications will determine which lock(s) would be best for you.

The types of latches available:

  1. Mortise
  2. Single latch
  3. Deadbolt latch

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