Biometric News from September

Reflecting on a couple big articles concerning Biometric News this month:

1.       FBI To Give Facial Recognition Software to Law-Enforcement Agencies

With over 12.8 million mug shots saved to a database police can use the ability of facial recognition systems to cross-reference. Privacy seems to be a concern among the public but the system is being put in place and research is being established on its effectiveness.

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2.       Iris Recognition Report Evaluates ‘Needle in Haystack’ Search Capability

92 Algorithms were tested by the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST) to report whether a correct iris could be found in a database with over 2.2 million images of people. The accuracy was astonishing on some. Although none were 100% correct during the study the success ranged from 90% to 99%.

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3.       Biometrics to track Indonesian lawmaker attendance

Due to tardiness and lack of attendance the Indonesian government has places biometric attendance readers to track their lawmakers hoping to have better work results.

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4.       US Government Opts for Tactivo

Tactivo is a cover placed on Iphone devices to require a fingerprint scan or smart card for authorization into the phone, apps or other files that could be of great loss if put into the wrong hands. The US government seems to see its potential.

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