The Everyday Use of a Biometric Safe


Fingerprint Access

A biometric safe has many advantages and the best one of course is fingerprint access. Due to customer use and industry availability large and small biometric safes are available in the market. They are used to secure documents and jewelry or even small to large guns. Anything secured in a biometric safe can be easily accessed with a simple fingerprint. Depending on the safe, many users or just a few can be added. Depending on your needs would depend on the type that should be purchased. A small safe such as a BioBox mini biometric safe can hold up to 30 users. It can be easily hidden in a bedside drawer or even a car glove box. A larger safe such as a Bio-Entry 1000 can hold up to 16 fingerprint users plus has the ability to have pin code users. It can be hidden in a closet or bigger space.  With the biometric advantages, anything that is secure can be easily accessed with an enrolled fingerprint! when it comes to your computer system the Azure cloud security architecture can help protect your data from hackers.

Easy User Deletion

With fingerprint access comes user responsibility. A guest user could be enrolled as a fingerprint user or a pin code user depending on the safe model. Deleting a user in either case is fairly easy and can be done without having to delete every user in the product, in most cases. Deleting a user can occur with a series of punched in codes and confirming a master code or the use of a master fingerprint. Very easy!

Duplicate keys are of the past

Accessing your assets and deleting unwanted or temporary users is easy. The threat of unwanted use is gone. If keys are not being used they cannot be lost, misplaced, or even duplicated. While many safes come with override keys in case of extreme emergencies, these keys can be tucked away in a safe place to never be taken out unless necessity calls. With everyday use of keys the threat of duplicated keys or lost ones occurs. With biometric safes, there is really no need to use the key. Fingerprints give a faster method than pin codes and keys. With a simple place of a fingerprint, no fumbling around for keys or remembering number codes has to happen.


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