Audit Trail Compatible 1TouchIQ2's and Most BioBolt X2's are in STOCK!

All finishes of the 1TouchIQ2 AT model are now in Stock! The AT model holds 36 fingerprint users and 78 pin codes. If you prefer the High Capacity model which can hold 75 Users: the Brushed Nickel finish is now in Stock!

1Touch series of locks has become the #1 chosen brand fingerprint and pin pad lock on the market today. With its unique design, robust features, and unsurpassed quality it will continue to be the market leader for secure and convenient door access.

To find the 1TouchIQ2:

Most BioBolt X2 Fingerprint deadbolts are now in stock! The following finishes are now available: Antique Brass and Polished Brass!

The BioBolt X2 deadbolt biometric lock incorporates a state of the art 3rd generation sensor technology allowing quick and convenient access to your home. Easy to program and easy to use this fingerprint deadbolt will work in all weather conditions.

To find the BioBolt X2:

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