Biometric Use at the University Level

fingerprint biometric systems in schoolsBiometric systems in schools use ranges in colleges and universities across the United States and the world. It is more common now than ever to see storage rooms for chemistry, staff facilities and gym use protected by mifare card locks and fingerprint ID door control.

The expansion of biometric systems in the classroom has be put in place across medical schools in Indian and even online classrooms in the US.  In 2009, the University of Maryland University College created an environment for students online where their identity had to be confirmed before joining classroom discussions online, signing into their online classroom, and even submitting their work. This absolutely helped confirm the identity of the students that were gaining an education from their home.  Just last Month (September 2012) Central Texas College applied a system as well for confirming students that were taking their online classes and submitting work online. This helped prevent a type of identity fraud. The person that signs up for the class, is now obligated to be the one taking the class. Their biometric data will be confirmed.

biometric systems in schoolsBiometric systems are also being put in place for not only online courses in universities but also in the classroom. India has mandated that attendance be kept for students at the medical colleges. The have now also extended its efforts to professor attendance. Use can also be found to keep track of students to prevent truancy.  It appears to be very helpful!

More information regarding India can be found HERE
More information regarding The University of Maryland can be found HERE
More information about the Central Texas College can be found HERE

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