Suprema Wins Innovative Achievement Award 2012

Suprema CEOSuprema’s Face Station technology has been able to go beyond the limits. Great success has been gained in facial recognition through the technology. This is why Suprema has won the Innovative Achievement Award in Detektor International Award 2012, with the FaceStation!

The FaceStation has the ability to not only to offer facial recognition but also has a Video Phone Interface through the super slick, 4.3” touch screen that is fully customizable.  It has a build in card reader to authorize door access with or even time and attendance.  There are many benefits of biometric access control system.

You can find more information about other products that Suprema offers here.Suprema Lock

Suprema’s Website States:

Young S. Moon, vice president at Suprema said, “We are very proud that the FaceStation has received such prestigious award, which recognizes both technological and practical innovations in the FaceStation. Suprema has refined biometric technology to the edge while introducing innovative features ahead of competitors. FaceStation will open whole new generation of face recognition, defying preconceived limitations in face authentication while delivering innovative features to meet growing expectations from markets.”

“Suprema will stay committed in developing technologies and products that go far beyond current expectations of value, quality and innovation, and we are excited to be a pioneer of new technologies,” Young added.

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