Choosing the Best Biometric Deadbolt Lock for You

Being the best can be a matter of personal opinion, Person A might like the BioBolt better than the Shepard DL210. While Person B might be the exact opposite. So how do you decide “What is the best biometric deadbolt lock”.  Let’s do a comparison of the two locks and find out which one will fit your needs. The BioBolt X2 is designed to easily fit into the US Standard 2-1/8” diameter hole while the Shepard DL210 often requires you to cut a new hole in your door, and both have a false rejection rate of under 0.1%. Both biometric deadbolt’s are able to be used in outside and inside environments making them very flexible and perfect for your front door, or even an external door leading into the garage. So far both locks are looking about even, until we get into user counts, the BioBolt allows for up to 99 users to be enrolled in your lock while the Shepard DL210 only allows for up to 50.

In some situation’s 50 users is plenty, especially in a home environment. In an office environment 50 might not quite be enough. You have people you have to think of, employees, postal workers, FED EX/UPS drivers. Giving access to these people can make your life a little easier, and make it so you don’t have to get up and go open the door every time they come! Anyone can use biometric deadbolt locks; in about any situation, the learning curve is minimal. On the BioBolt and the Shepard DL210 users can be added or removed directly from the lock, it’s as simple as a few button clicks.

The Shepard DL210 uses a latch and deadbolt setup, while the BioBolt only uses a deadbolt. With the BioBolt you can still use your standard door latch and have two forms “requirement’s” to enter, a key for the standard latch and a fingerprint for the BioBolt. The main advantage of one over the other in my mind would be the method of deleting users. Since the BioBolt allows pin code user entry along with fingerprint recognition you can go back anytime and remove any user. When using the Shepard DL210 you are limited to removing the last user added or removing all users and starting with a fresh database, this can be time consuming if you are adding and removing users a lot. While you can remove all users from the BioBolt it is not required while trying to delete one specific user.

Onto certifications, while the Shepard DL210 has currently earned no certifications the BioBolt can boast its ANSI Grade 2 certification. That’s not all though; the BioBolt has also received the FFC (Federal Communications Commission) certification and the Wellington Fire Research Testing Certificate.

In my mind the BioBolt has clear advantages over the Shepard DL210 and that is why I picked it as the “Best Biometric Deadbolt Lock of 2012”. For more information on the BioBolt, you can view the webpage here. For more information on the Shepard DL210 you can view its page here.

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