Facial Detection : Suprema Facestation

A front runner of biometric research and development, a company Suprema has had a breakthrough in technology that I find to be very beneficial: The Facestation!

Suprema FaceStationThe Suprema Facestation is a facial recognition door access control device that was created to give access to those enrolled after having their face detected on the machine. Very Sci-Fi! As mentioned in the article, Suprema face recognition with adaptive IR, this “provides contactless, hands-free biometric authentication which allows more convenience and hygiene than many other methods of access control security. “

Value can be found in using fingerprint and card access for private areas of buildings, just general employee entrance and even payroll time & attendance. The mess of keys are gone as well as having a paper mess with a time clock. Doors are more secure with networked access control unit and a mag lock instead of a single latch. Obviously a face detection unit is a step beyond the fingerprint and card access. Today’s technology market is reaching for bigger and better things and I believe this unit will be a big hit especially in government facilities and areas that need highly protective door control.

Using new technologies to and sleek designs the unit comes at a shockingly low price compared to a high priced $50,000 a company would have spent a couple years ago on a product that could provide facial detection.

I give this new product a thumbs up!

To find more technical information about the product please go to the article, Suprema face recognition with adaptive IR.

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Dan Falk is the Technical Director for Intelligent Biometric Controls. When not working with customers on biometric access control systems, he enjoys tinkering with fireworks, home-brewing and all sorts of food related endeavors! You can follow his personal exploits at http://danfalk.com , Google+ and Twitter.

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