How is Anti-Passback used with Access Control?

Ways Anti-passback is Used

Anti-passback was designed to prevent fraudulent activity within a work space, gym, or any other facility that is protected with a door access control system. Anti-passback is a setting that will prevent a card/ fob or pin code from being used twice to gain access through a door without exiting a monitored door first. This prevents gym users from gaining access to the facility, then passing their card or fob to a friend to enter at a later time, before they have used the card to leave and exit the building.

Larger buildings requiring enhanced security measures use anti-passback to be sure that employees and temporary guest have accessed the building at the proper doors before entering into the facility further. For instance, A company may have 3 or 4 doors to the outside but maintain that only 2 doors be used for entrance. Only if the users have used one of these 2 doors will they have access to other entrances, throughout the facility. After gaining access through one device the access control system is able to send information to other devices.

There are many different reasons on why this process is used.  Due to food safety regulations it may be the law to prevent some areas from access but others only to specific personnel via biometric access. If a building has some entrances with security guards or admin and prefer that employees leave one door but only access through another after a series of other points, using anti-passback is perfect.

Wiktionary states that anti-passback is, “A security mechanism preventing an access card or similar device from being used to enter an area a second time without first leaving it (so that the card cannot be passed back to a second person who wants to enter).”


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