A front runner of biometric research and development, a company Suprema has had a breakthrough in technology that I find to be very beneficial: The Facestation! The Suprema Facestation is a facial recognition door access control device that was created …

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Cutting out the time it takes for students and employees to clock in, Suprema now has a solution that brings down the cost of purchasing and installing many networked access control units in one area. Suprema, being the cutting edge …

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ACTAtek 3 Access Manager Lite Vs. Access Manager Suite
Access Manager Lite comes free and allows for User Administration Management, Access Control Management, Event Logs Management and Reporting Management for up to 10 ACTAtek units. Access Manager Suite must be used with over 10 ACTAtek units to automatically synchronize the user data. This Suite Version has the ability to go above and beyond the Lite Version. Not only is it compatible with more units but it gives the ability to create Shift Reports (This report shows employee’s first IN event and last OUT event in the working shift.) and allows assigned new or existing users to certain Units only.

New ACTAtek 3rd Generation can act in standalone or with many units in Network mode with the new program; Access Manager. The 3rd Generation ACTAtek is smaller, has a more contemporary look and has the option of purchasing any combination unit with a built in CMOS. The ACTAtek can be purchased as a smart card / fob only unit, pin code only, and fingerprint only or a combination of access methods.