Suprema Dual Technology Can Improve Your High Traffic Access 2

no lines with networked access controlCutting out the time it takes for students and employees to clock in, Suprema now has a solution that brings down the cost of purchasing and installing many networked access control units in one area.

Suprema, being the cutting edge company for improved access technology has created a 5” touch screen that has dual scanners. This provides a way for many people to clock in and out of a building at a faster rate without having to purchase and install double the amount of access control units. Not just clocking in and out with a pin code or card, but with your fingerprint. Instead of purchasing 2 regular units to use for time & attendance, 1 D-Station is sufficient. Having 4 access units instead of 8 absolutely cuts down the price of install.

The D-Station was created to assist in productivity. With 10,000 fingerprints stored, the product can auto match 1 scan in less than a second! Employees can start the day sooner without waiting in extra-long lines to clock in and students have one less excuse for being late to class.

The Duel Technology D-Station is becoming very popular for Schools, Gyms, Corporations and any high volume traffic area.


Dan Falk is the Technical Director for Intelligent Biometric Controls. When not working with customers on biometric access control systems, he enjoys tinkering with fireworks, home-brewing and all sorts of food related endeavors! You can follow his personal exploits at , Google+ and Twitter.

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    / Good day! I am urgently lonoikg for a biometric access-control system for a common aluminium office-door. Please could you provide me with information as to price and availability as soon as possible?I hope to hear from you soon.E Fivaz

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