What questions to ask before buying a new door lock?

warranty for new door lockWhen deciding on a new door lock it is very important to research these questions before making a purchase:

  1. Is the finish important to you? If most of your household items are a polished brass / gold finish, would you prefer the door lock to match?
  2. If you are not replacing your current door, what kind of latch works with your existing door prep? There are many different latches available and most door locks will come with a new latch or work specifically with one type. For example; most US standard doors have a deadbolt latch and a single latch. Some may have a mortise latch. If you come across a lock that you really like, would you be willing to modify the door?
  3. How many people will have access to your door lock?
  4. Will you need to copy many keys?  If so, what are you plans to ensure that those copies will not be copied? Would it be easier to look into electronic locks that can easily delete users and prevent having to purchase many keys?
  5. Do you prefer a lock that uses pin code or fingerprint access along with keys?

After asking yourself these questions and doing a little research on what you prefer on your door, it may be a good idea to think about these questions before completing a purchase.

  1. Does the door lock have a warranty?
  2. What kind of technical support is available?
  3. When you call the company, do they seem knowledgeable and helpful?

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