Domestic Property Ruined During London Riots

London Riots

As we approach the 1st anniversary of the London riots, this infographic takes a look back and the chaos caused and damage done to properties across the UK.

2012 is a special year for the UK and as we proudly host the Olympics and celebrated the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee earlier in the year; with all this in mind it’s no wonder that London and other towns and cities in the UK are the place to be this year! Whilst this attention does wonders for our tourism credentials it isn’t all glorious news.

In the aftermath of the riots, a survey revealed that the majority believed rioting would happen again and with all the attention our country is currently receiving it would be distressing to see such scenes of devastation again.

So take the time to check your security whether you own a commercial or domestic property; make sure shutters are fully functioning, grilles are in place and doors are strong enough to deter criminals during this busy summer and beyond.

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About the Author Sophie Baker-Britton :

Sophie works alongside Easy Fit Garage Doors and has a keen interest in what caused the social unrest of last year together with the statistics surrounding the aftermath. Sophie has worked for companies that have been the victim of burglary before, therefore has seen first hand the damage that can be done by opportunists looking for the smallest of security breaches.

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