Not all, but most locks have the ability to enroll users with User ID's. (1TouchIQ2, BioBoltX2, LC200) This is the most secure way to enroll many users into an access control product or fingerprint door lock. All businesses are advised to add users in this manner and homes with many users enrolled that are not family.

The prominent security industry publication “The National Locksmith Magazine” featured a very thorough and compelling article about the 1Touch IQ2 Biometric door locks in its recent April 2011 edition. A new 2011 1Touch IQ2-AT lock was sent to the author several months before the article was released. Over the following weeks, the state-of-the-art fingerprint door lock was tested extensively.

When deciding on a new door lock not only do you have to decide which lock is best for you, but then you have to decide on correct dimensions and handedness. When looking into your door, if your hinges are on the left of your door, you will need a left handed door lock. If your hinges are on the right side of your door, you will need a right handed door lock.

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