Why add USER ID's into your fingerprint door lock?

ease with user IDNot all, but most locks have the ability to enroll users with User ID’s. (1TouchIQ2, BioBoltX2, LC200) This is the most secure way to enroll many users into an access control product or fingerprint door lock. All businesses are advised to add users in this manner and homes with many users enrolled that are not family.

You may ask, “Why?”. The reason this method is most desired is for the ease of deleting a user from the lock. If your lock has the ability, you can delete individual users without having to scratch the whole system and start over.

If you initially enroll users at random, then when you need to delete users, hesitance may occur. You may not want to re-enroll all users, therefore keeping those that should not have admittance with access.

It may generate ease if you have enrolled users at random to go ahead and schedule a day to create User ID’s and re-enroll. It is also suggested to make sure to keep an excel sheet with users and their individual ID numbers. I have gotten myself into trouble this way! From personal experience, it is much easier to rely on a piece of paper than my memory or someone else’s! … Phone extensions seem to work pretty well as ID numbers in a business setting!

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