Why it's great to have a keyless door lock:

There are many reasons why families and businesses are moving towards a keyless door lock. With a keyless door lock, re-keying becomes an expense of the past. Fingerprints and codes can be reset, deleted and added at anytime. Here are a few reasons why our customers have said they prefer their fingerprint door locks:

  • You are never locked out!
  • Digging for keys is no longer a pain when you have a keyless door lock:

o   Your arms are full of groceries

o   Children are being carried in

o   Carrying a book bag

  • You never have to carry keys when:

o   Biking

o   Stopping by the office

o   Leaving to get lunch

o   Hiking

o   Canoeing

o   Photographing your neighborhood

o   Taking a Jog

o   Taking a walk

o   Gardening

o   Playing outside with the kids

o   Walking the dog

o   Exploring your city blocks

o   Feeding the horses

o   Ect…….

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