Summertime Advantages to Not Unlocking a Door with Keys Due to Higher Crime

Oh Summer time! We all look forward to swimming at the pool, rollerblading in the hot summer heat, and grilling out with all of our friends while drinking ice cold locally brewed beer. Although all this fun is to be had, the risk of crime and robbery increases during the summer months.

Although crime rate in the US had decreased in the past 5 years, they still occur.

The chart below shows the number of thefts per 100,000 people in the regions of the United States:

Region Robberies
The West 136.5
The Northeast 143.6
The Midwest 116.8


We suggest these 5 ways to help protect your home or apartment from crime including not using a traditional door with keys:

  1. Do not put a spare key under a mat or rock. This is a typical spot for spare keys, therefore the first place a robber thinks to look.
  2. Never post on Facebook or Twitter you are going on vacation or taking the day away from home. Save the fun photos for when you return.
  3. We prefer fingerprint / code door locks. When giving neighbors and friends spare keys to watch your home while you’re away during the holidays, occasionally keys are lost or duplicated without your knowledge. Enroll the house sitter into your lock and delete them as soon as you return.
  4. Always lock your doors and windows.
  5. Add very apparent real-time cameras or even dummy camera (fake) to create fear for potential intruders.


You can find more statistics on crime rates from the US Census Bureau at

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